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Pretty damn good if this is your first attempt. Everything was nice and solid, would just like to see it be longer to see you show all that you got.

SamTsuki responds:

Thanks! ^^
I'm currently animating a slowmo walking scene and it's really tiring i got 9 frames done but need 8 more to make it look smooth!

This is gonna be short

Perfect. I laughed so hard the entire time. Keep on keeping on man :)


Not to make puns...

But that was awesome! So over the top.

P.S. to everyone: Try watching it without sound. It fucks with your mind :)

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It was good...

Until I got to the second level and the whole screen turned a brown color which blocked my whole view. I liked the first level though.

Some Problems

Not a bad idea but I kept hitting "invisible walls". Like sometimes I would make it to the next platform but then I would get stuck on the side and eventually fall off. Kind of annoying.


The music was good "thinking music". It made me think about how many things are out there that we can't see and how many things there are to discover.

Great job seriously.

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Everyone knows the feeling of losing someone. This is it right here. RIP to your friend and I know you will see him someday.

Nothing much to say

I love your covers that you have been putting on here lately. Glad to see you're still submitting to NG. Add another one to the list of great songs by you :)

Not feeling it

It just doesn't have the elements of dubstep... or anything for that matter. Belongs in the miscellaneous section in my personal opinion. But enough about genre choice, let's get on to the review...

The little vocal clips are, well, annoying and repetitive. Your drums are a little boring and the kick doesn't exactly have enough vocal presence. Finally, your pads and synths don't exactly match each other.

Overall, you fell pretty short on this. That doesn't mean in any way that you can't improve so keep going on. Good luck in the future.

rasteexXxuss responds:

Well thanks but that's pretty much why I labeled this project one. cause it's my first step into my new style. which I like alot.

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I saw your speed drawing on YouTube before I knew it was on here. Very nice.

Have I seen this somewhere else?

It almost looks like a famous portrait that I have seen before. It is awesome by the way :)

ornery responds:

Let me know if you find that picture, I'd definitely be interested in seeing it.


The one in the very middle reminds me of a Shy Guy from Mario... and the bottom left one reminds me of a Moogle (I think that's their name) from the FF series. : ) I like

Oelbachtaucher responds:

Thank you. I'm really happy that you like them :)

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